9 Reasons why Realtors, Sales People and Business Owners should use SendingCardsIsCool

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  1. We make it easy…Mail REAL cards to clients and prospects without leaving your home or office.
  2. Reasonable and affordable—for as little as $.62 plus postage.
  3. The power to be creative and memorable: Include as much artwork/photos for just a little more! Add your handwriting and signature too! Need some ideas?  Call us!
  4. Did we say MEMORABLE? Where are these cards with pictures placed? On the fridge. Who is it shown to? Everyone.sold
  5. Do it Once. Use it again and again! Create customized “template” cards stored in the system to use over and over. i.e. “Thank you for your time” or “Thank you for the referral” sent minutes after you end a phone call or meeting.
  6. Own Your Data! The SendOutCards system is YOURS. Goes with you everywhere YOU go. Your Contact List is secure and accessible 24/7.
  7. Don’t Forget! Do you send birthday cards or other specially timed relationship builders? System reminds you 2 weeks ahead of any date via email of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  8. Like Having an Assistant on call! Do Bulk Type Mailings for Marketing, Holidays, etc. Just choose the recipients and click. No limits or minimums.
  9. Experience that gives you confidence—We are the #1 mailer of first class mail in the country.
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